Stop Tooth Decay - 2 to 5 Year Olds

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Give your child’s teeth a healthy start

A guide for children 2 to 5 year olds


Use a small soft toothbrush twice a day. Parents need to help with cleaning until 7-8 years.

Brush every morning after breakfast and before bed at night

Use a low dose fluoride toothpaste, teach your child to spit out, and not rinse.

Lift the lip

Lift your child’s top lip once a month to check for early signs of tooth decay. Please seek dental advice if you notice any changes in your child’s teeth.

Eat and drink smart

  • Choose healthy snacks - such as fruit, vegetables, plain yoghurt and cheese.
  • Plain tap water - is the best and cheapest drink.
  • Limit those ‘sometimes’ - sugary foods and drinks – if offering them, have them with a meal.
  • Instead of juice - Offer water and eat the whole fruit.
  • Be great role models - brush as a family.
  • Where possible - choose sugar free medicines.

For more information

Has your child had a dental visit yet?

To make a dental appointment visit oralhealth to find your local dental clinic.

Oral Health Services Tasmania welcomes ALL children 0-18 years of age.