Better Access to Palliative Care Project Outcomes (2012 - 2017)

As part of the Tasmanian Health Assistance Package (THAP) the Australian Government funded the Better Access to Palliative Care (BAPC) project over 4 years, to strengthen palliative care services in Tasmania.

The objective of the BAPC project is:

To increase Tasmania's capacity to provide access to community based palliative care for people with life limiting illness, nearing the end of their life.

Funding Arrangements

Under BAPC the majority of funds were distributed to community based organisations, via a competitive tendering process. Namely:

  • The District Nurses for the provision of wrap around packages of palliative care in the home (hospice@HOME); and
  • Tasmanian Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (TAHPC) for infrastructure support services such as community development, volunteer and carer training, health promotion, and professional development.
  • Funding has also been provided to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for enhancement to the Specialist Palliative Care Services and to establish and implement a policy framework and strategies to ensure ongoing sustainability of enhanced community cased palliative care services in Tasmania.

BAPC Program Partners

The BAPC program commenced in Tasmania in July 2013 involving three BAPC project partners. Department of Health and Human Services (in collaboration with the Tasmanian Health Service South, North and North West); Palliative Care Tasmania (Tasmanian Association for Hospice and Palliative Care); and The District Nurses - hospice@HOME.

Together, significant progress was made in the design and planning of new services, enhancement of existing services and the further development of the palliative care sector across Tasmania including:

  • the establishment of the hospice@HOME service by The District Nurses;
  • the delivery of a range of community development activities, education and professional development sessions by Palliative Care Tasmania;
  • enhancements to the Tasmanian Health Services Specialist Palliative Care Service, including funding to employ an additional 17.09 full time equivalent employees (FTE) across the state; and
  • for DHHS to enhance support for existing service models and strategic directions in the state through the development and implementation of a Tasmanian Palliative Care Policy Framework.

DHHS Better Access to Palliative Care Action Plan

There were four action areas in the DHHS, Better Access to Palliative Care Action Plan:

  1. Tasmanian Palliative Care Policy Framework - Develop and implement a Strategy for Coordination and Collaboration;
  2. Strengthening the networks and linkages between palliative care providers (primary and specialist);
  3. Enhancing palliative care system (public, private, primary, secondary, tertiary); and
  4. Enhancing the capacity of specialist palliative care teams

Australian Health Associates (AHA) were commissioned by the Australian Government to undertake an independent evaluation of the Better Access to Palliative Care Project.

AHA Evaluation Reports

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