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Niki T34 Subcutaneous Infusion Device - Useful Links

Queensland Health - Management of Subcutaneous Infusions in Palliative Care learning package

The aim of this learning package is to assist the clinician to develop knowledge and skills of the basic principles of care for people with subcutaneous infusion devices in palliative care settings. This package is designed to provide self-directed learning; completion does not provide formal accreditation. Supervised practice with appropriately trained staff managing the device used by your service is recommended.

CME Medical Clinical eLearning Portal

CME Medical’s eLearning programme is an interactive session that requires users to demonstrate practical skills by interacting with a virtual T34™ pump. It also tests theory knowledge by requiring users to answer multiple-choice questions. It can be used for initial training, as a learning tool during face-to-face training or for annual refresher / update training. This site requires users to create their own account.

REM Systems - Australian ContactsREM SYSTEMS is a specialised medical equipment distribution company supplying hospitals, health clinics and medical and veterinary practices throughout Australia.