Air quality

Air quality

Note: The table below provides hour-averaged PM2.5 values from the EPA BLANkET air monitoring stations. For current 'instantaneous' PM2.5 data please visit the EPA web site.

Tasmania has some of the cleanest air in the world. But we do have periods each year when it can get smoky outside. Smoke reduces the quality of the air we breathe and it also affects our health.

How to use this site

If you're concerned about the impact smoke can have on your health:

  • Monitor the air quality in your area through the BLANkET table below (to give you an idea, PM2.5 values below 5 µgm3 show the air is very clean).
  • If the hourly PM2.5 level at a given station reaches an elevated 25 µgm3 then the text in the table will turn red.
  • This means an air quality notification is active, and some people are advised to take precautions to protect their health from smoke.
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What do the PM numbers mean?


Disclaimer: BLANkET data come directly from EPA's air monitoring station close to the named towns. These data are indicative. They are not reference level data. These indicative level data may be adjusted at a later time through a standardised procedure to allow for instrument errors; power interruptions and the like. As such they cannot be used to determine if air quality standards have been exceeded.

Tasmania's early warning system

The Director of Public Health and the Environment Protection Authority are working together to help protect Tasmanians from the harmful impact of wood smoke, and to monitor and regulate air quality.

This new early warning system has been introduced to alert Tasmanians to short elevations of smoke levels, and will be trialled over the next 12 months.

The initiative has been developed with Asthma Australia and University of Tasmania researchers.

Comments and questions

If you would like to provide feedback on this site, please email or call the Public Health Hotline - Tasmania on 1800 671 738.