Pioneer water alert

Pioneer water alert

Regular monitoring in drinking water supply systems is routinely conducted by the Tasmanian Water Corporations. It has been found that this system is currently experiencing elevated levels of lead in the drinking water supply. Recent results have detected lead levels up to 14.5 micrograms per litre (ug/L), with the appropriate health health-based guideline value being 10 ug/L.  Ben Lomond Water are investigating to determine the source of lead and resolve the issue

Exposure to lead can result in a wide range of health problems – most seriously in children and pregnant women. Pioneer is on a permanent boil water alert, as the local supply is not treated. However, boiling the water does not remove the lead.

The water is not advised for drinking or food preparation, however it is safe for other domestic purposes. It is safe for showering or bathing; although children should be supervised to ensure that they do not drink the water.

Ben Lomond Water has installed at tank at the Pioneer Town Hall that contains water from the Scottsdale Water Treatment Plant and as it is a treated supply, there is no need to boil this alternative supply prior to drinking

These precautions should be taken until further notice.