Ringarooma water supply

Ringarooma water supply

The Ringarooma water supply can be sourced from either a groundwater bore or from surface water at Viney's Creek.

Historically, the township has been supplied from the groundwater bore and has operated on a Permanent Boil Water Alert (PBWA)  This requires residents to boil their water before consumption, because the water supply is not treated by disinfection.

On 21 December 2012 the Ringarooma water supply from the groundwater bore was placed on a Public Health Alert because of persistently high lead levels above the health-related limits of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The Public Health Alert was imposed as a "do not consume notice" issued by the former Ben Lomond Water (now TasWater-North) when all affected residents were advised not to drink the water.

The Public Health Alert replaced the PBWA because boiling water does not remove heavy metals such as lead.

Ben Lomond Water carried out maintenance during April 2013 on Viney's Creek to improve the water quality supplied from this source.

After completion of the works on 23 May 2013, water was supplied to Ringarooma from the Viney's Creek source instead of the bore.

Viney's Creek water does not contain lead levels of concern so the Public Health Alert was removed however residents were reminded that the PBWA was back in place – meaning they must boil their water before consumption.

For more information contact TasWater North on 136992 or the Department of Health and Human Services Public and Environmental Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

9 August 2013