Wentworth Park

Wentworth Park

Note: Before you read the following, it’s recommended you read the NHRMC statement on cancer clusters.


Wentworth Park

Howrah residents can be assured there is no increased risk of cancer in the Wentworth Park area.

Public and Environmental Health Services will always respond to suspected cancer clusters in order to protect the health of the public, and to address community concerns and anxiety.

In this case, researchers, independent consultants and government agencies all found no factual evidence to support concerns about a cancer cluster.

Additionally, there was no evidence for a pattern or particular type of cancer – both of which can be indicative of a cancer cluster. Nor was any environmental agent identified that could plausibly cause the range of cancers or other health conditions reported.

Fortunately, uncontrolled landfill sites like that which once existed in the Wentworth Park area no longer occur, as they have the potential to become an environmental hazard,  eg through groundwater contamination. However, in this instance no such threat to human health was identified.

It would be inappropriate to commit any further public resources to investigate what is clearly not a health risk to residents. 


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Report on cancer rates in Howrah suburb (2004), provided to Mrs Poppy Lopatniuk, Dr Alison Bleaney and others Download

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