fluTAS 2017 Report 6 (interim)

fluTAS Report

fluTAS 2017 Report 6 (interim)

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Public Health Services produce the fluTAS Report to provide information about the level of influenza (flu) in Tasmania. This is a short interim fluTAS report to provide additional data during the peak of the season.

Mid-September 2017 update

  • The current intense mid-seasonal influenza activity is occurring in all regions of Tasmania.
  • In 2017, the highest number of notifications was in the first week of September, with 473 cases notified.
  • The majority of notifications (68%) have been influenza A, with A(H3N2) the most commonly detected subtype.
  • In the year to date, there have been 41 outbreaks of influenza like illness reported in institutions.

Influenza Notifications

From1 January to 17 September there were 2,722 cases of laboratory-confirmed influenza notified in Tasmania. This is an increase on previous years; during the five-years 2012 to 2016, there was an average of 809 notifications during the January to September period.

The 2017 influenza season commenced at the end of June. Influenza notifications increased to an intense seasonal level during August 2017, with 1 259 cases of influenza notified in August (Figure 1). From 1 to 17 September, 905 cases have been notified. During this period there was also an increase in influenza testing. Surveillance of hospital admissions for influenza indicates intense mid-seasonal activity.

Figure 1: Notifications of influenza in Tasmania, by week, to Sunday 17 September 2017