Toilet Routine and Eating Well

Toilet Routine and Eating Well

All children’s toileting habits are different. Fibre and water help keep poos soft and easy to pass.

Help your child have a good toilet habit

Let your child go to the toilet unhurried.

Offer foods containing fibre

  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • legumes, lentils and legumes
  • whole grain cereal, breads, pasta and rice
  • nuts and seeds, before packing for childcare or school check services ‘allergy aware’ policy.

Help your child enjoy water as their main drink

Offer about four cups of water everyday by:

  • offering water with every meal and snack
  • having water easily available to drink over the day.

For more ideas see Drinks for Children

Print Drinks for Children

Want to know more

Ask your GP or child health nurse.