Foods for your Baby - Variety and Texture

Foods for your Baby - Variety and Texture

At Around 6 months babies need solid food

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At around six months look for signs of readiness for starting solid food. Keep breastfeeding or giving infant formula when solid food is introduced. It is still your baby’s main food and drink. Gradually vary the texture from pureed to minced and mashed, then finger foods as your baby grows. This will help your baby learn to bite and chew. They do not need teeth to do this.

Examples of a baby's foods for their first year

Food type Grain (cereal) foods
Choose wholegrain mostly
Cook hard vegetables
until soft
Choose soft fruit
and cook hard fruit until soft
Meat and alternatives
Trim off excess fat and gristle
Dairy foods
and alternatives
Choose full cream
dairy and alternatives

around 6 months

baby rice cereal baby rice cereal puree sweet potatopuree sweet potato puree applepuree apple puree red meat e.g. casserolepuree red meat
e.g. casserole
plain full fat yogurtplain full fat yogurt
Minced and mashed
from 6 months
Porridgeporridge mashed avocadomashed avocado Mashed Bananamashed banana scrambled eggsscrambled eggs chopped fruit and yoghurtchopped fruit and yoghurt
Finger foods
once baby can sit up by themselves
Toast cut up into finger slicestoast cut up into finger slices sliced tomato and cucumbersliced tomato and cucumber Slices watermelonslices of watermelon meat balls on a platemeat ballscheese cut into stickscheese cut into sticks

For More Information

Ask your child health nurse.