Safe Eating

Safe Eating

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Making foods safe to eat for young children

Children under three years can choke because they are still learning how to chew and swallow.

  • Always stay with children while they are eating.
  • Ask children to sit down to eat.
  • Offer food to children when they are happy and relaxed.

Make foods safer to eat by cooking, cutting up, mashing and grating

Carrots grated, cooked and mashed Grate, cook or mash hard fruit and vegetables like apples and carrots.

cherry tomatoes and grapes cut in half Chop small round fruit and vegetables in half such as cherry tomatoes and grapes.

nut paste on toast cut up Offer nut paste* rather than whole nuts.

* Check your early childhood service allergy aware policy before sending nut paste to care.

Avoid foods like hard lollies, popcorn, whole nuts, corn chips, dry hard biscuits, chewing gum and seeds such as watermelon and pumpkin.

Want to know more

Ask your GP or child health nurse.