Drinks For Children

Drinks For Children

Make water the main drink

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Drink water every day

We need fluid, like water, every day to feel well and to keep our insides working. Tap water is available, good for teeth and is the best thirst quencher.

Juices, soft drinks and cordials provide fluid but they have a lot of sugar. They may also encourage a taste for sweeter drinks instead of water. Eat fruit instead of drinking juice.

Drinks like tea, coffee drinks and energy drinks are not for children.

Plain milk is a good choice but children only need one to two cups a day.

How much

Children need around four to six cups of fluid every day. This can change depending on how old and how active they are.

In very hot weather, remember to offer water more often.

Tips to drink more water

Help your family develop the daily water habit:

  • offer water when children get up in the morning as their first drink
  • make it easy for your child to help themselves to water at home - keep a cup or water bottle on the table or bench
  • put cups of water on the table at mealtimes and snack time
  • ask for water to drink at the table when out for a meal with friends and family
  • take water bottles for you and your children when you go out.

Make water fun

Ways to encourage water:

  • offer water in a colourful cup or with a straw
  • try a new water bottle
  • try adding ice cubes or offering chilled water.

Want to know more

Ask your GP or child health nurse.