Move More and Sit Less (Poster: children 5-12 years)

Move More and Sit Less (Poster: children 5-12 years)

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Plenty of moving helps children develop and learn

Keeping them social, confident and healthy

Each day children need:

60 minutes of huff and puff activity e.g. running or sport

Including weekly: X3 days of strength activities e.g. jumping or climbing

Tips for getting active:

  • Walk or ride part way to school
  • Play games or sports at the park
  • Build cubbies indoors or outdoors

Children need help to limit:

Sitting time:

  • break it up as often as possible

Daily screen time:

  • no more than 2 hours (excluding school work)

Tips for less sitting and screens:

  • Screen free bedrooms
  • Try music instead of TV
  • Swap tablet games for real games