For Older People

For Older People

Good nutrition is important for older people to help promote independence and to minimise illness and premature death.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including adequate nutrition, plays an important role in ensuring older Tasmanians are able to live well at home, for longer.

Many older people are at greater risk of nutrition deficiencies, excesses and imbalances due to changes that occur as we age.  It is especially important at this age to consider the psychological and social importance of mealtimes, as well as the nutritional value.


Malnutrition is a major health problem that often goes unrecognised and, therefore, untreated. It is both a cause and consequence of ill-health for many older Tasmanians.

Between five and 11 per cent of older Australians living in the community are undernourished.

Malnutrition is often overlooked, even though it is linked to increased mortality, greater risk of infection, reduced quality of life and increased care costs.  Early recognition and management is vital.

Eating with Friends

Eating with Friends groups bring older, socially isolated people together for a nutritious meal with friends. There are currently 37 social eating groups across Tasmania that supported by the Eating with Friends network.

Resources for older people

September 2016