Inspection Frequency RCS

Inspection Frequency RCS

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Food Business Risk Classification System Supporting Document

In Tasmania food businesses are classified according to the Food Business Risk-Classification System (RCS).  The RCS is a way for councils in Tasmania to consistently apply classifications for food businesses.

The RCS can also be used to prioritise the inspection of food businesses based on their risk. It is intended that higher risk businesses will be inspected more often than lower risk businesses. This document is intended provide guidance around suggested inspection frequency for risk-classified food businesses.

Under the RCS, the recommended inspection frequency for a food business in a given risk classification is outlined in the following table:


Starting point frequencies (every x months)

Maximum frequencies (every x months)
(low compliance)

Minimum frequencies (every x months)
(high compliance)













P3-N and P-4 classification businesses are lower risk. They require an inspection to confirm risk classification and may require a subsequent inspection at the regulator’s discretion (for example, if they notify a change in activity or a food safety complaint is received).

PInitial inspectionReinspect


Initial inspection to confirm risk classification

Reinspect as needed


Initial inspection to confirm risk classification

Reinspect on complaint, recall or risk change only


The frequencies given above relate to scheduled inspections. The regulator may choose to conduct additional follow-up inspections when non-compliances are identified at the scheduled inspection. Additional inspections are encouraged following reports of foodborne illness or other food safety complaints.

For new businesses or where there is no inspection history, the initial frequency of inspection should be that of the starting point. Results of more than one inspection should be taken into consideration to form an objective judgement before the inspection frequency of the business is adjusted.

For existing businesses with the same proprietor or key personnel, if there is a documented compliance history available, this may be taken into consideration when establishing inspection frequency.

For more information, please contact one of the food safety team at:

Department of Health,
Public Health Services
1800 671 738