# Hello my name is ambassadors

Communication and Health Literacy

Siobhan Harper

CEO Population Health Services

Ambassador since October 2016

Share Siobhan video on why she joined the campaign

Siobhan Harper, CEO Population Health Services

Denise Fassett

Executive Dean, College of Health and Medicine

Ambassador since October 2016

Share Denise's video where she reflects on her own personal experience as a patient and how she is using the campaign to ensure effective communication is consistently taught and acted upon throughout courses.

Denise Fassett, Dean of College of Health and Medicine

Susan Crave

Northern Area Manager, Mental Health Services

Ambassador since November 2016

Share Susan's video on how Susan would like to use the campaign to build relationships with staff and people accessing Mental Health Services.

Susan Crave Northern Area Manager Mental Health

Phil Edmondson

CEO, Primary Health Tasmania

Ambassador since July 2017

Watch Phil’s video to find out why introductions are important to Phil, why he is getting involved and what he would like everyone to do.

Phil Edmondson, CEO Primary Health Tasmania

Jessica Bean

Health Empowerment Coach

Ambassador since October 2017

View Jessica’s video to see why she has taken on the role of consumer representative.

Jessica Bean and Chris Pointon

Colleen Johnstone

CEO of Palliative Care Tasmania

Ambassador since May 2018.

Hear Colleen talk about Palliative Care Tasmania’s adoption of the campaign.

Colleen Johnstone, CEO Palliative Care Tasmania

Francine Douce

Chief Nurse and Midwife, Tasmania

Ambassador since July 2018

Hear Francine talk the importance of introductions in the everyday work of the Office of the Chief Nurse and Midwife.