LGBTI Health

LGBTI Health

The Department of Health’s Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Intersex Working Group is working collaboratively to improve health outcomes and access to services for LGBTI Tasmanians.

The group is chaired by Department of Health Secretary Michael Pervan. Its membership includes senior managers and clinicians from across the Department and the Tasmanian Health Service, community sector organisations, and Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Sarah Bolt.

The  Whole of Government Framework for LGBTI Tasmanians sets the principles and action areas for the group, which has developed a workplan for implementation.  Key areas of focus for 2019 are improving our services to be more LGBTI friendly through professional development for our staff; developing a network for our staff with diverse sexualities and gender identities; and to improve our information systems to enable recording of diverse sexuality and gender identities.

For more information about the DHHS THS LGBTI Working Group contact Carole Owen, Director Public Health Programs and Priorities or call 03 6166 0650.

LGBTI Working Group Draft Terms of Reference

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