Fact sheets, signage and templates

Fact sheets, signage and templates

Fact sheets

Fact sheet 1: Health effects of smoking

Fact sheet 2: Smoke-free legislative requirements

Fact sheet 3: Smoking cessation support

Fact sheet 4: Guidelines for developing a smoke-free worksite policy

Fact sheet 5: A simple guide to evaluation

Fact sheet 6: Where to go for more information

Fact sheet 7: Subsidising smoking cessation products

Fact sheet 8: Conflict resolution 


Signage 1 and 2: Nobody smokes here anymore poster (available in PDF or Word)

Signage 3: Nobody smokes here anymore sticker

Signage 4: Various smoking-related signs 


Template 1: Employee survey

Template 2: Sample Terms of Reference

Template 3: Sample communication plan

Template 4: Employee information

Template 5: Employee brochure

Template 6: Letter to contractors

Template 7: Media release

Template 8: Smoke-free worksite policy

May 2015