What can I do to address smoking in my workplace?

What can I do to address smoking in my workplace?

There are two main things you can do to address smoking in your workplace.


1. Develop a smoking cessation support program for your employees

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to smoking cessation. You can consider a range of strategies to support your employees, depending on what best suits your workplace.


Fact sheet 3: Smoking cessation support

Fact sheet 7: Subsidising smoking cessation products

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2. Create a smoke-free worksite policy

A smoke-free policy is a formal, written document addressing the issues relating to smoking in your worksite. A formal policy that has been endorsed by managers will:

  • provide clear direction to all employees as to why their worksite has become a smoke-free environment
  • make it clear what is expected of both the organisation and all employees
  • let all staff and visitors know that the organisation takes a firm stance on the issues of smoking and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.

Fact sheet 4: Guidelines for developing a smoke-free worksite policy

Template 8: Smoke-free worksite policy

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