Ending a pregnancy: Prescribed Health Services Fact Sheet

Ending a pregnancy: Prescribed Health Services Fact Sheet

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Prescribed Health Services are services in Tasmania that are mandated under the Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Act 2013 and Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Regulations 2014.

These services offer free and confidential advice, information or counselling on the full range of pregnancy options, including the option of pregnancy termination.

They do not provide termination procedures, but can put women in contact with services that do provide terminations.

Any health, welfare or other services that women may present to are welcome to provide them with contact details for prescribed health services.

Prescribed Health Services

Family Planning Tasmania

  • 421 Main Road, Glenorchy, ph: 6273 9117
  • 269 Wellington Street, Launceston, ph: 6343 4566
  • 199 Mount Street, Upper Burnie, ph: 6431 7692

Women’s Health Tasmania

25 Lefroy Street, North Hobart, ph: 6231 3212

Women’s Health Information Line

Ph: 1800 675 028

The Link Youth Health Service

(for women under 26 years of age)
57 Liverpool Street, Hobart, ph: 6231 2927

PULSE Youth Health Service (South)

(for women under 25 years of age)
2 Terry Street, Glenorchy, ph: 6166 1421

Medical Practitioners with a Conscientious Objection

Medical practitioners with a conscientious objection are not obliged to provide information about, or facilitate access to, pregnancy termination.

However, they are legally required to provide a list of the prescribed health services to women wanting a termination or information about pregnancy options.

This list must be provided as soon as a medical practitioner is aware that a woman is seeking information or treatment.

September 2019