Radiation protection

Radiation protection

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Tasmanians benefit from the use of radiation in many fields.

Diagnostic and therapeutic uses of radiation in healthcare are familiar examples but Tasmanian industry and research also uses radiation to improve the quality of products or as an investigative tool in research.

Radiation Protection works to protect you from the health risks associated with ionising and non-ionising radiation.

Radiation licensing

To deal with radiation apparatus or radioactive material in Tasmania, you will need a licence issued under the Tasmanian Radiation Protection Act 2005. This includes using, selling, transporting and servicing the source.

Registering a radiation place

The place in which you wish to carry out your radiation practice must also comply with relevant radiation safety standards and, to show this, the place must have a certificate of compliance (place).

Safety standards

All radiation sources, including equipment and radioactive material, must comply with safety standards:

Equipment testing

A radiation source that is being used must have a current certificate of compliance to ensure they meet safety standards.  All radiation sources in use must be periodically tested and certified by an accredited person. For new equipment, a certificate of compliance (source) can be issued by a licensed supplier.

List of accredited persons:

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