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Apply for a Licence

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You may need a licence to deal with a radiation apparatus or radioactive material, covering the following activities:

  • using or possessing
  • selling or manufacturing
  • storing
  • transporting
  • installing, servicing or repairing
  • disposing.

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Some exemptions apply. For instance, you may not need a licence to:

  • have dealings with very low risk radiation sources, such as very small quantities of radioactive materials. The quantities exempted are in line with international exemption levels.
  • have some dealings with other radiation sources (that are not quite such a low risk), such as the domestic smoke alarm. You do not require a licence to acquire and use such a radiation source but a supplier needs a licence. This ensures that the smoke alarm that you buy complies with the current radiation safety requirements
  • use specified (low risk) radiation sources. For example, individual operators of an airport baggage x-ray unit do not need to be named on a licence but the Radiation Management Plan for the unit must indicate that these operators are trained in the radiation protection measures required for the unit.

Radiation apparatus

Do you need a licence for dealing with a radiation apparatus?

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Radioactive material

Do you need a licence for dealing with radioactive material?

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