Certificates of Compliance (place)

Certificates of Compliance (place)

Radiation Protection and Advice

The place in which you wish to carry out your radiation practice must also comply with relevant radiation safety standards and, to show this, the place must have a certificate of registration.

This ensures that the radiation source may be used and/or stored safely in that place in the way proposed. In particular, places must be designed so that radiation levels outside the place are sufficiently low that they will not cause any harm to people or the environment.

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Some radiation sources emit such low levels of radiation that they can be used in any location, with no special requirements. They include all radiation sources exempted from the need for a licence, radiation sources used in schools, some cabinet x-ray equipment, portable battery-powered x-ray units used for security purposes, chemical analysis units containing sealed sources and depleted uranium in specified forms.

Does your place need registering?

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 How do I get a certificate of registration?

Accredited people are authorised to issue certificates of compliance for some places.  Download the list of accredited persons.

The certificate they issue will specify the conditions that ensure that the radiation source can be used and/or stored safely in the place.

Send the certificate of compliance, with the below application form, to register your place with the Radiation Protection Unit. Make sure the workload and the floor plan are included.

RPA0101: Application for certificate of registration for a radiation place

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