Radioactive Material Licensing

Radioactive Material Licensing

Radiation Protection and Advice

Step 1: Do you need a licence?

Do you or your organisation require a licence for dealing with radioactive material?

Follow the prompts to find out

If yes, are individual operators needed to be on the licence?

Follow the prompts to find out  

 Step 2: Starting your application

If you do need a licence, download the relevant form below depending on whether the licence is for an individual or a company. These forms let you know the information that you must provide in support of your application and allow you to calculate the fee that you will be required to pay for the licence.

Step 3: What other information do you need to supply us?

If you wish to use a radiation source, then it must be shown to be fit for the purpose. This means that it must have a current certificate of compliance (source).

The place in which you wish to carry out your radiation practice must also comply with relevant radiation safety standards. To show this, the place must have a certificate of compliance (place) to be issued with a certificate of registration.

If you need a licence to possess a radiation source, then you will have to submit a Radiation Management Plan with your licence application. 

Step 4: Send in your application

Fill in the relevant forms and send it to the Radiation Protection Unit

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