Environmental cleaning assessment program

Environmental cleaning assessment program

Evaluating environmental cleanliness

The hospital environment plays an important part in infection prevention and control. 

We consider assessing environmental cleanliness as an integral to any infection prevention and control program.

We undertook a literature review and interviewed key stakeholders in Australia to establish and evaluate current methods used to assess environmental cleanliness.

The findings of this review were presented to infection control professionals and environmental services managers from across Tasmania at a 2012 forum we convened.

There was consensus to develop a standardised way of evaluating environmental cleanliness in Tasmanian healthcare facilities.

The methods chosen to assess environmental cleanliness were visual inspection and the use of fluorescent gel marker and accompanying ultraviolet (UV) light.

We have developed a protocol to implement a standard way of evaluating environmental cleanliness in Tasmanian hospitals.

This site will provide information and educational resources for healthcare personnel involved in of assessing environmental cleanliness in Tasmanian hospitals.

The information section has:

  • our literature review and report
  • the protocol outlining how we evaluate the cleanliness of Tasmanian healthcare environments.

The education section has:

  • a training package for everyone undertaking environmental cleanliness assessments in hospitals
  • a quiz that goes with the training package to help people become auditors
  • two short videos on how to open and use the fluorescent gel marker
  • frequently asked questions.



July 2015