Commercial Water Carriers

Commercial Water Carriers

Some people get their drinking water from commercial water carriers who sell or supply drinking water by carting it in a tank or similar.

Council must keep a register of commercial water carriers operating within their local government boundaries.

 Registration is valid for 12 months and must be renewed. This summary brochure provides an overview for commercial water carriers.

If your water is supplied from a commercial water carrier they must tell you if it is microbiologically or chemically unsafe to drink. If you are unsure, then consider boiling the water before use or in some cases not drinking the water.

Your commercial water carrier must tell you of any restrictions on the safe use of that water.

People supplied with drinking water from commercial water carriers have an additional responsibility to ensure that their private storage tanks are maintained and clean in order to avoid contamination of the supplied water. Read more 

For more information on commercial water carriers contact your local council, which is responsible for regulation.

For specific obligations of commercial water carriers, further information can be obtained from the Tasmanian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.  

We have produced a guidance note to help local councils and commercial water carriers understand their legal responsibilities.

Commercial water carriers should contact their local council to discuss their registration application.

November 2015