Private Water Suppliers

Private Water Suppliers

Some people get their drinking water from private suppliers as opposed to water supplied by TasWater.

All private drinking water suppliers must register each year with their local council and must stick to council's approval conditions. Registration is valid for 12 months and must be renewed.

This summary brochure has an overview for private water suppliers. 

Private water suppliers include commercial accommodation places used for education and places of imprisonment and detention not serviced by the reticulation network and other sources of water provided by non water corporation operators. This does not include commercial water carriers.

If you are supplied by a private water supplier, then it is their responsibility to notify you if it becomes microbiologically or chemically unsafe to drink. If you are unsure, then precautions such as boiling the water before use should be considered or in some cases not drinking the water.

Your private water supplier must tell you of any restrictions on the safe use of that water. 

For more information on private water suppliers contact your local council, which is responsible for regulation. For further information on private water suppliers obligations read the Tasmanian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines

We have produced a guidance note to help local councils and private water suppliers understand their legal responsibilities.

Private water suppliers should contact their local council to discuss their registration application.

November 2015