Bedwetting (Enuresis) info for parents of children over 5 years

What we do

We offer assistance to children over 5 years who have never remained dry at night or for those who have been dry at night and have now developed bedwetting.

As yet there is no evidence of a single cause for bedwetting. In some instances when the child is asleep the brain does not control bladder function. This mechanism develops at different ages in children. The Wetaway program can assist in this process.

How we can assist you

When you and your child are ready to be involved in the program an interview will be arranged. At this interview information is gathered to assist in setting up an individual program for your child. You will also be asked to arrange an examination for your child with your doctor/specialist.

The next stage involves a period of 2 to 4 weeks where bladder training is commenced. This involves increasing fluid intake (drinking) and learning to exercise the bladder muscles.

A proportion of children achieve dryness with bladder training and for others an alarm may be introduced.

The alarm will help your child to recognise when their bladder is full and that they need to take themselves to the toilet. Success is more likely when the alarm is used for six to eight weeks only.

Your child will need your encouragement and support.

How to contact us

When you first enquire about bedwetting we fill out a contact form with your details.

One of our staff will get back to you as soon as practical to discuss your needs.

The other alternative is for you to fill out the electronic contact form and either email to or print it off and fax to (03) 6336 2137.


The following is a list of publications and brochures that will give you a better understanding of Enuresis and of our services to assist you and your child overcome the problem.

  • Wetaway Program brochure
  • Bedwetting is no-body's fault
  • What you can do to help
  • Wetaway handout
  • What options are ther?
  • Under 5's tips for parents on toileting

Other recommended reading:

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  • Easy Toilet Training, 1995. Work Copyright: Janet Hall
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