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What is TasEquip?

TasEquip is a state-wide equipment scheme that has warehouses in all regions.

Our aim is to provide safe, reliable equipment to those who need it most.

TasEquip operate under a refurbishment model and not all items will be new when issued.

Access to TasEquip resources is only through therapists prescribing. This is to ensure that the most appropriate equipment to meet the client’s clinical need is supplied.

Clinical priorities apply, and there is a funding cap for new equipment purchases.

TasEquip provides equipment options for eligible clients:

  • who require support to do basic, everyday tasks which cannot be met by a non-assistive equipment solution and who do not have access
    to alternative funding sources.
  • to support them in their immediate
    home environment.
  • to provide essential assets at school.

Who can access the service?

TasEquip provides equipment to eligible clients who are permanent Tasmanian residents and who have a proven financial need for assistance to access the range of equipment in scope for TasEquip.

To be eligible, clients need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Permanent Tasmanian resident, and
  2. Centrelink benefit recipient – Health Care, Pensioner Concession, and
  3. Living in the community, or required for discharge from hospital, and
  4. Ineligible for Home Care Package level 3 or 4, Workers Comp, MAIB, or DVA*.

* DVA Health Card holders should contact DVA to check their potential eligibility.

Non-eligible clients who need equipment to allow them to be discharged from a public hospital (or a public bed in a private hospital), or who are receiving specialist
palliative care services, will be considered as eligible for this purpose only.

TasEquip aims to:

  1. Provide items that operate as planned and have been checked, cleaned and maintained prior to
  2. Arrange for the repair or replacement (where possible)
    of faulty items.
  3. Arrange such item repairs or replacement on cost effectiveness, value for money basis and reasonableness basis. The process varies by category,
    value and availability of the item.
  4. Provide items and repair items in a timely manner.

Clients have responsibilities to:

  1. To keep the item of equipment in good order and repair.
  2. Understand that the item is provided for their use only and they cannot lend, give or sell it to anyone else.
  3. Not use the item in any way other than its intended use.
  4. Not modify the item.
  5. Report any need for maintenance or repairs to TasEquip.
  6. To pay required fees, as of 1 July 2017 these fees are:
    • Loan fee - $50 for one or more items for any period up to a year.
    • Repair fee - a one off $50 / a year towards any new replacement part.
    • Replacement cost of wheelchair batteries, tyres and tubes when they need replacing.
  7. Return to warehouse as soon as no longer required.

How to contact us

Please call TasEquip on 1300 827 378, to be put through to your nearest regional warehouse.

Region Contact Details
Hobart Repat Centre, 90 Davey Street, Hobart.
Ph: (03) 6166 7393
Launceston 3/213 Wellington Street, Launceston.
Ph: (03) 6777 4336
Latrobe Mersey Community Hospital,
Moriarty Rd, Latrobe.
Ph: (03) 6478 5599
TasEquip Equipment Library Repat Centre, 90 Davey Street, Hobart
(Education Facilities only).
Ph: (03) 6166 2707