Child Health Centres

Child Health and Parenting Service provides opportunities for new families to network with other services within the community

Local Child and Family Health Nurses offer child health and development checks at the following recommended ages: 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 4-6 months, 12 months, 2 years and Healthy Kids Checks.

There is also a GP medical check at 6 weeks.

These checks appear in the 'blue book' which is given to new parents at the birth of their child.

The checks are important as babies grow rapidly and minor difficulties can become serious health or developmental problems if left.

Child and Family Health Nurses offer parent information on many topics including: child health and development, practical parenting tips, nutrition, breastfeeding, sleep and settling, communication, play and safety, nutrition, oral health, post natal depression, fathering, balancing work and family life, play, injury prevention, SIDS and immunisation.

How to contact us or make a booking

To make a appointment with a Child and Family Health Nurse, contact your regional office and your call will be directed to the nearest available service.


11 Jones Street
Phone: (03) 6477 7056


23 Steele Street
Phone: (03) 6478 6105


Inga Building, St Johns Park, New Town
Phone: 1300 064 544


13 Mulgrave Street
Phone: 1300 064 544

The Parenting Line is also available at any time to assist parents with stressful parenting issues or concerns. Phone 1300 808 178.

Service Eligibility

Child Health and Parenting Service provides support to families with children 0 - 5 years of age.

Referrals are not necessary, Child Health and Parenting Service staff will make contact with you after receiving the birth notification from the midwifery services soon after the birth of your child.

Information relating to Child Health Centres is contained in the Personal Health Record ('Blue Book') that you received at the birth of your baby.

Cost Information

There is no fee for services provided by the Child Health and Parenting Service at Child Health Centres in Tasmania.

Administrative Phone Number

North Phone: (03) 6777 1322
North West Phone: (03) 6477 7056
South Phone: 1300 064 544