Speech Pathology - Community

Community Speech Pathology currently provides 3 separate services:

  1. Assessment and treatment of communication and feeding disorders in preschool aged children living in the South-East district only.
  2. Assessment and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders for  eligible clients living in Southern Tasmania.
  3. Consultancy service providing advice, resources and education/training relating to the ongoing management of communication / swallowing disorders on a statewide basis.

How to contact us or make a booking

For enquiries regarding eligibility for services or for referral information - contact the Community Speech Pathology Coordinator on (03) 6222 7764.

Service Eligibility

The service is available for preschool aged children living in South Eastern Tasmania, and adults living in Southern Tasmania who are eligible for Home and Community Care (HACC).

Cost Information

There is no cost to individual clients for these services, however fees are charged to third party compensable clients eg. Department of Veterans' Affairs, Motor Accidents Insurance Board, Workers and Compensation.

Modified food is charged to the client.