Consumer Engagement Principles

Tasmanian Health Service - Northern Region

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Consumers have the right to participate in, and about their own health, wellbeing and welfare in a meaningful way. Consumers and community are involved in the design and shaping of policies and decisions relating to the Tasmanian Health system.


Meaningful engagement processes embrace the values and the needs of consumers, their families, carers, and the community.

Mutual Respect

Engagement undertaken with mutual respect and valuing each other’s experiences and contributions.

Accessible and Inclusive

Consumers and their families are a diverse group. Given this diversity, consumer participation opportunities need to be accessible and inclusive, with flexibility and a range of options for consumer participation. The needs of consumers and community experiencing barriers to service access and engagement are considered.


Working relationships between engagement partners are built on transparent and accountable processes which are publicly provided to consumers.


The engagement process values and supports all consumers, carers and community.


Community Advisory and Engagement councils to take a formal leadership role in ensuring consumers, carers and community are provided with the support they need to engage meaningfully with the health and community services systems.


Consumers, carers and community engagement influence policy, planning and system reform.

Continuous Improvement

Consumer, carer and community engagement is regularly reviewed and evaluated to drive continuous improvement.