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Work in the profession you love and have the lifestyle you dream of

Tasmania, Australia’s island state, provides you with the opportunity to harmonise your work life balance. Enjoy the serenity, wilderness experiences, dramatic coastlines, magnificent beaches and an affordable lifestyle.

Tasmania offers you a climate for living away from the gridlock of traffic congestion, whilst enjoying lively communities and a vibrant culture.Jonathan Weeks

Tasmania is 64,103 km2 which is about 1/3 the size of Victoria and has a population of 509,965 people¹.

Renting a house in Tasmania is around $200 per week¹ making it very affordable compared to many other states and territories.  Median house prices are available on the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania website².

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image top right: Jonathan Weeks,
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Evie Hindrum

Evie Hindrum - Tasman Peninsula
“I enjoy having lots of outdoor activities close to my workplace including hiking at some of the beautiful national parks near Hobart including Mt. Field and Tasman Peninsula.

I also love the white beaches on the sunny east coast and the famous 'Bay of Fires,' and snowboarding at Ben Lomond National Park in winter.”

image left: Evie Hindrum,
Registered Nurse, Emergency Department, Royal Hobart Hospital

Gill Course - Freycinet rockclimbing
Gill Course

“I moved here 12 years ago as Tasmania has great teaching hospitals and lots of mountains – not sure when the honeymoon period will ever end.

Some days I choose to kayak to work, others I can take a mountain bike track over Mount Wellington and arrive at work in time for a shower to wash the mud off.

But the best days are those where I can go for a run in the snow, or catch a wave at a nearby beach before work.”

image right: Gill Course,
Registered Nurse, Emergency Department, Royal Hobart Hospital