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Tasmanian Health Service - North West Region

Exceptional people and locations

Life is for living, Psychiatry in North-West Tasmania

Dr Joanna Rose
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

With a temperate climate and a fantastic array of scenery, my move to the North-West coast of Tasmania has been a delight. There are many riches to savour, in both work and leisure spheres, and perhaps I can detail just a few.

Within the work sphere, I have found warmth and acceptance not only from colleagues in the local area but throughout the state. As Tasmania is a relatively small state, new colleagues are significant to the group, and I have experienced a sense of inclusion which has been both stimulating and supportive. Peer support networks, both for general psychiatry and my specialist field of child and adolescent psychiatry, have ensured that my ongoing professional needs are addressed, and I have experienced generous encouragement and support to access national and international conferences relevant to my field.

Whilst the work by its nature is challenging, the teamwork in place within the public mental health services provides richness for the client population and an arena in which my skills are valued. There is an enormous clinical range, allowing extension of my interests and learning.

And to the leisure, well, so much to choose from! For the water-sports minded, the coast itself has spectacular beauty, as well as beach activities, but then there are the inland rivers and lakes, from the tranquil scenery to the challenge of the rapids. Fishing, boating, sailing, and kayaking are all catered for in abundance, you can even go the AFL football!

For those who prefer their feet on dry land, what about the fabulous bush-walking that Tasmania is famous for - Cradle Mountain is just an hour’s drive from the coast. Then there’s cycling, golf, tennis, bowls - you name it!

But if you prefer your leisure to be a little more relaxed, I can recommend the local wineries, restaurants, and beautiful parks and gardens. Cultural activities are well catered for, including theatre, festivals and concerts by the world famous Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

The rich soil of this area supports some fantastic local produce, which enhances the region’s clean and green reputation, having the cleanest air and water in the world.

So you can now see why I can thoroughly recommend this region, as a wonderful place live, work and relax.


Psychiatric Nurses, make a positive change to your life

Oggy Thynne
Registered Psychiatric Nurse
Spencer Clinic, North West Regional Hospital, Burnie

Having travelled and worked around Australia 3 times now I keep coming home to Tasmania. The experiences gained by travel have been immensely rewarding and contribute to my love of working in Spencer Clinic as Clinical Nurse Specialist and Acting Nurse Unit Manager when required.

So what has Tassie got to offer? Lifestyle, clean air, fresh water, oceans to die for, mountains to climb, forests and rivers and all the human activities they can cater to. The people are open to change in a dynamic community that thrives on opportunity and energy the newcomers bring.

Will you be one too?
Come and join us here in the North West.


Finally, a nursing role that lets you take care of yourself

Glenda Dietman
Clinical Nurse Specialist
CAMHS North West

I moved to the North West Coast 2 ½ years ago after working in Hobart for 2 years and I have found living here has had so many benefits both in my personal and work life. The work has been both challenging and rewarding enabling me to develop my professional skills beyond my imaginings. There are great opportunities for further studies within mental health, including research, development of the service and ongoing professional development is encouraged. I absolutely love living on the North West Coast due to the clean air, fresh grown food, beautiful scenery and the connectedness of the communities that surrounds me. Working in a profession that involves working with many community services and the support they have provided has been remarkable and I have not experienced this in cities where I have worked in the past. Travelling to work with views of the sea on one side and mountainous hills on the other side is just so stimulating and refreshing and there are no traffic jams, delays or road rages to endure. The peace and quiet as well as the tranquillity and the clean fresh air just add to the joys of living here. There are so many stunningly beautiful places to visit and so many things to do that it is hard to fit it all in.


A world apart not a world away, a Psychologists perspective

Adam Micallef
Masters of Psychology (Clinical & Health)

My migration to Tasmania from Queensland was facilitated by a desire to work with the Older Persons - Community Mental Health Service, North West, located in Burnie. The working environment within mental health services is characterised by close mutual support, well integrated systems and ample opportunity for professional development through department sponsored workshops.

Life in Tasmania and particularly the North West coast represents a world apart rather then just a world away. With beautiful beaches, highland lakes, rugged mountains and extensive heritage listed wilderness Tasmania offers an enviable lifestyle.

Consider working with the Department of Health and Human Services - Mental Health-North West as a place apart.


Tasmania is home

Christine Lander
Social Worker

Born and Bred in Tasmania. I’ve worked all over Australia and in the United Kingdom. Tasmania always calls me back, firstly for the environment and lifestyle and secondly for the professionalism, dedication and friendliness of the Mental Health staff. It’s a great place to live and work and would thoroughly recommend you come and experience it for yourself.