Arthit Barnes, Michael Browne and Leahanna Stevens

Tasmanian Health Service

Arthit is a nurse practitioner working in the Emergency department at the Mersey Community Hospital. He is undertaking a research project with his two fellow Nurse Practitioners examining patient compliance with discharge information. He has a solid love for fishing and loves to go whenever he can.

Michael wears multiple hats as an educator, clinical facilitator and is the President of the Tasmanian branch of College of Emergency Nursing Australasia. He has a passion for research and outdoor activities, “I love bush walking, especially around the cradle mountain area, scuba diving for sharks and holidays, especially if it involves a cooking class with a nice wine”

Leahanna and her husband recently moved to Tasmania with their young children from the Gold Coast, QLD. Leanna says that “Tassie is an awesome place to raise children – lots to explore from beaches/rivers to mountains and caves! Love the food and, especially, the wine and I love the fact that you can cross the island in a 3 hour drive.  I’ve also been drawn into running more down here due to the beautiful beachside trails and runs available, with no humidity!”

Arthit Barnes, Michael Browne and Leahanna Stevens

image: from left -  Arthit Barnes, Nurse Practitioner; Michael Browne, Clinical Nurse Educator/ Nurse Practitioner; and Leahanna Stevens, Nurse Practitioner