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North West Regional Hospital
23 Brickport Road
Burnie 7320

Phone: (03) 6493 6000
Mail: PO Box 258, Burnie 7320
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North West Regional Hospital

The North West Regional Hospital at Burnie is a modern 160 bed facility providing high quality health care and specialist services to North West Tasmania and King Island. It offers services in medical, surgical and allied health specialties through inpatient and outpatient departments.  The hospital caters for the emergency resuscitation, surgery and intensive care of most trauma patients and other medical conditions.  North West Regional Hospital is accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

As North West Regional Hospital is a secondary level service, transfer to comprehensive tertiary hospitals occurs for some injuries and illnesses.

Service Eligibility

Admissions to hospital which are planned in advance need to be arranged in consultation with a General Practitioner or Specialist. More information about the admission process is provided to patients on referral.

Cost Information

When patients are admitted to hospital they are requested to bring their Medicare Card with them. They may choose to be admitted as a public patient or as a private patient.

Public patients are not charged for medical or hospital services; however, a doctor nominated by the hospital treats them. Public patients will need to meet charges relating to outpatient pharmaceuticals, telephone use and television hire.

Private patients are either insured by a health fund or pay the costs associated with their hospital treatment. Private patients are treated by the doctor of their choice.

Compensable patients have entitlement from the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Motor Accidents Insurance Board or Workers Compensation. Hospital fees are met by these organisations.

Interstate Visitors can expect the same entitlements and charges as Tasmanian residents.

Overseas Visitors - Australia has reciprocal health agreements with a small number of countries to provide care for overseas visitors from these countries free of charge. However, where these agreements are not in place, patients will be charged the full cost of their health care.