To have the best health promotion impact, we can connect with others who are working on the same issue from another angle.

A connected approach highlight image

Let’s take the example of healthy eating.  If you work individually, you might discuss food habits and their ability to prepare meals at home. To connect what you are doing with the individual to what others are doing, you could:

Using a connected approach from different angles, is the most effective way to make a difference. Having these different strategies running at the same time in your community ensure people are getting the same healthy message in many ways.

Health themed days/weeks and months from the Health and Wellbeing Calendar can be a great way to focus our efforts.  We can connect with others promoting the same healthy messages. However, it is our ongoing efforts that will make the most difference in the long term.

The table below shows the continuum of health promotion interventions and capacity building strategies from the individual to the whole population.



Screening and individual risk assessment

Clinical testing to detect early signs of cardiovascular disease

Health education and skill development

Community-based healthy cooking demonstrations

Social marketing and health information

Population-wide campaigns to promote healthy eating and physical activity

Community action for social and environmental change

Parent advocacy for increased promotion and availability of healthy options in school canteens

Settings and supportive environments

Local government planning for increased physical activity opportunities in the community

This approach needs the support of a strong and well-resourced system to be effective. Investing in capacity building through developing organisations and the workforce is important.