Young People

Ashley Youth Detention Centre encourages visits between young people, their families and significant others.

The Centre is located at 4260 Meander Valley Highway, Deloraine TAS 7304.

If you wish to call one of the residents or Centre Management about a visit, the number is (03) 6362 2311.

Visiting days and times

Wednesday 12:00pm – 3:15pm

Saturday and Sunday 10:30am – 3:15pm

Conditions of visits

  1. All visits to the Centre must be approved in advance. Please book visits with Centre Admissions staff by telephoning the Admissions office during normal business hours - Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm.
  2. All visits are limited to forty-five (45) minutes.
  3. If you require a longer visit due to exceptional circumstances, you will need to seek approval from Centre Management in advance. 
  4. Visits that have not been booked in advance are not permitted. 
  5. All visitors over the age of 18 must have Photo Identification.
  6. An adult must accompany any visitor under the age of 18 to enter the Centre. 
  7. It is preferred that visitors leave all personal items outside the Centre. However, small lockers are available to hold personal property if required.


Ashley Youth Detention Centre has a strict No Gifts Policy.This means that young people are not permitted to receive gifts of food or any other items through visits from family or friends.