What Happens at Ashley

Young People

Young people reside at Ashley because they have been remanded or sentenced after being charged with a criminal offence. This means a warrant requiring that the person be delivered to a detention centre has been issued by a Magistrate or Justice of the Peace.

Upon arrival, all residents are processed through an admissions procedure; this includes a thorough assessment of physical and mental wellbeing. Residents are then placed into one of the four residential units - Liffey, Franklin, Huon & Bronte.

All residents are expected to abide by the various Unit rules which cover their conduct while at Ashley.  Residents are also expected to attend the various programs provided at Ashley. These include:

  • Daily education at the Ashley School
  • Drug and alcohol counselling
  • Arts and crafts  and
  • Physical fitness.

To take part in the programs, residents are placed into small groups which rotate through various programs throughout the day.

Advancing the Health and Wellbeing of Young Tasmanians

The Centre works within a policy framework that recognises and enhances the relationships between custodial care and health and wellbeing outcomes for all young Tasmanians.

Provision of integrated case management, encompassing education, vocation, behavioural and health and wellbeing issues for young people in custody are essential in order to both meet the legislative requirements of the Youth Justice Act 1997 and to meet the duty of care owed to each young person who experiences time in custody as a result of offending behaviour.