Community Youth Justice

Young People

Community Youth Justice Teams are based in the North, North West and South of the State.

Teams focus on finding ways to reduce young people’s offending behaviour.

Young people are assisted to stay out of the criminal justice system through a restorative justice approach, including services such as Community Conferences.

However, if offending persists, a youth may get a Court Order, which is then supervised by a Youth Justice Worker.

Youth Justice Workers support the young person through a range of methods, to help reduce offending and increase pro-social behaviour.

Teams also work with local communities to develop programs that support our young people.

These include diversionary programs where young people who are at risk of offending can be placed.  Placements include the Community Service Order program, which may be supervised by staff in community based organisations and/or Youth Justice staff.

To develop new options for young people, Community Youth Justice Teams also work with community groups and local government.